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A team of professionnals here to provide you the best care, at low cost and in accordance with our notion of «Popular Biology» that is: Medical tests of high quality accessible to all.

En savoir plus

C’est parce que nous nous préoccupons de votre SANTE, que nous (...)

Welcome to SOLABSEN

Your Health, Our primary Concern It is because we care about your HEALTH, we strive to (...)

Our history

SOLABSEN is one of the first private medical Lab analyses in Senegal. Formerly known as (...)

Solabsen bokousi laboratoire privé you ndieuk si sénégal pour seni ay (...)
La politique et les objectifs QUALITE du laboratoire SOLABSEN sont (...)

Our quality measures

Our major concern is to offer to ALL our patients a Biology that is close to them and one of (...)

Values & Expertise

In every Health check-up lies a patient to heal... With his team of experienced and caring (...)

Votre laboratoire avec son équipe de professionnels vous offre un (...)
BEP 2000 Siemens



Our equipements and IT systems

BEP 2000 Siemens (http://www.healthcare.siemens.fr/infectious-disease-testing/systems/bep-2000-ad



Vos résultats

Your Test Results

Your analyses available : Online (Highly recommended) : SOLABSEN has designed a "Result (...)

Practical Advices

Medical Tests Guide Most human pathologies (Infections, Metabolism disorders, Cancer etc.) , (...)

Conseils Pratiques
Surveillances particulières

Special Follow-ups

1) FOR DIABETICS : Diabetes Screening and Biological control Early control of hemoglobin (...)

Undergone Experiences

Thank you for sharing your undergone experiences during your visits. In a continuous (...)

Retour d’Expériences
Prélèvement à domicile

Home-Based Sampling

At Home : Home-based sampling are performed only by appointment, non-emergency context are (...)


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  • 39, RueMohamed V x Victor Hugo, Dakar, Sénégal
  • (+221) 33 821 33 14
  • (+221) 33 823 48 26
  • laboratoire@solabsen.com

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